Brut Rosé Harvest Cider

Brut Rosé Harvest Cider

Brut Rosé Harvest Cider

PROFILE: Semi-dry, smooth, fruity

VARIETIES: 15 Heirloom apple varieties infused with red currant juice

HARVEST YEAR: 2021 Release - May 2022

GROWN BY: Eden Orchards, Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Windfall Orchard

METHOD: Slow cold fermentation, infused, filtered, carbonated.

TASTING NOTES: bright red berry and apple with light earthy tannin and lingering crispness.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: salads, salmon, cold roast beef

6.9% ABV | 15g/L residual sugar 12oz | 24/case

Serving Size: 1 can | Calories per serving: 160 | Carbs: 5g = 0CARB

Gluten free, vegan friendly

Untappd: 4.03

$74 24 x 12oz.