Cellar Series #14: Queen Mab

Cellar Series #14: Queen Mab

Cellar Series #14: Queen Mab

PROFILE: Still, sweet

APPLE VARIETIES: 100% Ashmead's Kernel


GROWN BY: Scott Farm

METHOD: Naturally cold-concentrated before fermentation in our Vermont winter weather. Arrested fermentation leaves residual sweetness. Aged 7 years in one French oak barrel.

TASTING NOTES: Stewed apple, golden raisin, apricot, fig, walnut

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: In front of the fire with a ripe cheese, dry cured ham, a loaf of fresh bread and a palm full of nuts

10% ABV |150g residual sugar
375ml | 12/case | 45 cases produced

Serving Size: 2.5oz. | Calories per serving: 90 | Carbs: 11g = 0.7CARB
Gluten free, vegan friendly

Untappd 4.84

$55 375ml