Tap Dance Ice Cider

Tap Dance Ice Cider

Tap Dance Ice Cider

Tap Dance is a unique blend of ice ciders aged in a bourbon maple syrup barrel from our local friends at Bonneau’s Vermont Maple. The Eden signature back bone of acidity runs through it to balance the sweetness, and the apple-maple-bourbon flavor is. just. ridiculous.

Cider character: sweet, still, unctuous

Varieties: A blend of American and European heirloom varieties

Harvest Date / Press Date: 2014/2015/2016

Release Date: June 2022

Elevage: Cryo-concentrated before fermentation, slow cold fermentation arrested leaving high residual sweetness. Batches variously aged in barrels and tanks, then 6 months in one bourbon maple syrup barrel

Tasting Notes: maple, baking spice, tart apple, bourbon

13% ABV | 150g/L residual sugars | 375mL