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CBS THIS MORNING: The ice cider movement spread South, to Vermont, when Eleanor L?ger?s basement hobby of making the drink flourished into a company.

EDEN CIDERS FOUNDER ELEANOR L?GER: We went to visit twenty-six restaurants, a couple stores, and all but one of them bought, and then they rebought, and then we were sold out, and they wanted more. And that was when we looked at each other and we said: ?Oh! Maybe this is not a hobby.?

CBS: L?ger founded Eden Specialty Ciders, and a year later, became the first American ice cider maker approved by US regulators.

L?GER: It was critical, because our whole intention, when we started in 2007, was to make ice cider primarily, not hard cider ?and if we didn?t get an approval for the label to say ?Ice Cider?, then we weren?t going to do anything commercial with it.

CBS: Unlike Barthomeuf in Canada, L?ger, like most American cidermakers, picks the apples in the Fall, not the Winter. She later freezes its juice to make the ice cider.

L?GER: The fastest we can make an ice cider is about a year, year and a half. But there?s a lot of time in which we?re just letting time and nature do its thing?to develop the flavors in a tank or a barrel.

CBS: L?ger is considered America?s top ice cider maker.

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