Eden Harvest Ciders

At Eden Specialty Ciders, we use heirloom and tannic cider variety applesgrown locally, sustainably, and for the express purpose of producing cider. We harvest our apples at peak ripeness because that is when the aroma and flavor of the apple also peaks.

We press our apples during or soon after harvest, when flavors, sugars and acids are optimal.

We don’t delay in pressing our apples, because we believe that leaving apples in cold storage dulls their flavor. Because of this practice—which we believe is critical to ensuring the consistent quality of our Eden Specialty Ciders—it is only possible for us to press, ferment, and steward a single batch of a cider each year—just like winemakers steward a single vintage per year. That is unusual in the American cidermaking landscape where many large producers turn out a new batch of cider from a recipe every three to six weeks, and press apples out of cold storage or use rehydrated apple concentrate.

We ferment our heirloom juice like wine, slow and cool, and allow those precious flavors to develop over time. Because of this practice, Eden Ciders are better able to express the unique character of the apple varieties and the place where they were grown.

We mature our ciders like wine, to ensure that the acids, tannins and any residual sweetness in our ciders are fully integrated and balanced in the final fermentation.

We reject rapid-production tricks that speed time-to-market. We do not add sugar, acid or tannin out of bags to adjust the flavor of our cider. We do not use fining agents to speed clarification, or enzymes to fix microbiological issues. We practice the careful care of apples and keep our facilities hygienic, in order to avoid difficulties like these that would otherwise require remedy and repair.

Above all: We are committed to being good stewards of the apple, so that you may trust that we will bring to you, in our unique Eden Specialty Ciders, all the extraordinary beauty that the apple has to offer.

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