Imperial 11 Rose Ciders

Eden Ciders Rose with Currants

The best sparkling rose wine is a cider! Our Imperial 11 Rose cider has the body, alcohol level and juiciness of a delicious drier rose. It is made only from apples and red currants. No added sugar, coloring or other flavoring. We use our natural cold winter weather here in Northern Vermont to freeze concentrate the juice before fermentation, just as with our ice cider, but to a lower level. Then we co-ferment the juice with red currant. Lightly carbonated, it is delicious and full flavored.

Superb cider that can certainly be drunk all on its own to refresh, but really deserves to be considered alongside more substantial table offerings like pulled pork, grilled salmon, and even a winter cassoulet. 4/5 stars Cider Journal cider review

The Imperial 11 Rose cider is fruity and tart and extremely pleasantly balancedAlong Came A Cider cider review

Yum! I also think this cider is an excellent value, especially considering the high ABV and the high cost of heirloom apples and red currants. Cider Says cider review

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