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Zabergau Reinette | Sustainably grown cider apple | Eden Ciders

What is an Heirloom Apple?

Blue Pearmain, Rhode Island Greening, Roxbury Russet…these are all heirloom apple varieties you won’t find in your local grocery store. But, what does “heirloom apple variety” even mean, and why is that characteristic important to holistic growers and cideries? There is no official definition, but Heirloom apples varieties can be generalized as varieties that do […]

Cider with vegetarian meal

Brut Nature and Food: Harissa spiced Haloumi

Recipe from Effie Loupakis     Brut Nature is our answer to champagne. It’s at once celebratory sparkler and a serious food wine, built of mostly bittersharp apple varieties lending complexity and structure, resting on lees for at least 18 months, creating depth and a creamy mouthfeel. Inspired by Brute Nature’s light, citric notes I […]

Heirloom Apples from Eden Ciders

Organic Apples: Not Good Enough

I am often asked if the apples in our ciders are organic… My first reaction is ‘how much time do you have’? Organic has become the short-cut for ‘good apples’. But what are organic apples? What makes an apple organic ‘good’? Good for what? Your health? The health of orchard soil? The health of the […]

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