Eden Ciders, Shelburne Vineyard, and Iapetus Wines

Inspiring wines & ciders with varietal expression and regional character.

At Eden Ciders, Shelburne Vineyards, and Iapetus wines we’re dedicated to making high quality cider and wine using ethical orchard and vineyard management. We celebrate Vermont terroir by capturing the essence of the landscape in every bottle.


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Harvest Cider Bottles

Sparkling Cider РStill Cider РRos̩ Cider
Award-Winning – Flagships – Cellar Series
Very Dry to Off-Dry

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Ice Cider

Still Sweet-Tart Dessert Ciders
Naturally cold-weather concentrated
and aged to perfection

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Shelburne Vineyard Wines

Semi-Sweet to dry wines made from cold-hardy grapes in Vermont

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Iapetus Wines

Unfined wine – Natural wine made with Vermont grown grapes

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Harvest Cider Cans

Deep Cut – Dry, Hazy, Fruity
Peak Bloom – Off-Dry, Clean, Refreshing
No added sweeteners or preservatives

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Orleans Apertif Ciders

Infused Intensified Ciders
Herbal – Bitter – Wood
Whole ingredients, minimally processed.

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