Vermont Terroir

See the video short: Vermont Terroir Cider – A Moment in Time
Produced by Meg Houston Maker and Johannes Kroemer

Tech Sheets

Harvest Ciders

Brut Nature Champagne Method
Eden Harvest Can – Second Edition

Seasonal Cellar Series – Benjamin
Seasonal Cellar Series – Cinderella’s Slipper
Seasonal Cellar Series – Ezekiel sold out

Imperial 11o Rose Cider

Imperial 11o Rose

Draft Ciders

Eden Draft Ciders
Contact your distributor for special cellar series keg availability and pricing

Ice Ciders

Heirloom Blend
Brandy Barrel Heirloom

Cider Based Aperitif Wines

Orleans Wood
Orleans Bitter
Orleans Herbal


Distributor Contacts

V E R M O N T: Farrell Distributing
Bottles: Taylor Cameron taylor.cameron[at]
Cans and Kegs: Jason Strempek jason.strempek[at]

C A L I F O R N I A: Matthew Plympton Revel Wines +1.415.425.5277?matthew [at]

C O L O R A D O: Robert Butker Crooked Stave Artisans +1.404.245.870 robert[at]

G E O R G I A: Michael Lowenburg Modern Hops Craft Distribution +1.404.452.3161 michael[at]

I L L I N O I S: Leah Allen Lagniappe Beverage +1.773.358.2344 lallen[at]

I O W A: Frederique Bodouani Abu Nawas Beverage +1.641.220.4317 fb[at]

K A N S A S: Chad Bowman LDF Distributors +1.785.341.4884 cbowman[at]

M A I N E: Tabitha Blake Crush Distributors +1.207.400.6515 crushdistributors[at]

M A R Y L A N D: Otto Sheridan Free Run Wine Merchants +1.707.339.1654 otto[at]

M A S S A C H U S E T T S: John Pettine Ruby Wines +1.508.588.7007 johnpettine[at]

N E W  H A M P S H I R E: Megan Sleeper Crush Distributors +1.603.545.5966 megcrane[at]

N E W  J E R S E Y: Seth Osten Hunterdon Brewing +908.752.8149 seth.osten[at]

N E W  Y O R K [all locations]: Michael Foulk MFW Wine Company +1.917.306.1909 mfoulk[at]

O R E G O N: Chris David Estelle Imports +1.503.505.7100 estelleimports[at]

N O R T H C A R O L I N A: James Stock Haw River Wine Man +1.336.228.0539 hawriverwineman[at]

P E N N S Y L V A N I A: Jason Malumed MFW Wine Company +1.610.574.0752 jason[at]

R H O D E?? I S L A N D: Bryan Hoffman Best Beverage +1.203.505.9654 bryan[at]

S O U T H  C A R O L I N A: James Stock Haw River Wine Man +1.336.228.0539 hawriverwineman[at]

U T A H: Matthew Ostrander Ibantik Craft Beverages +1.801.419.3535 matthew[at]

V I R G I N I A: Darcy Ryan Free Run Wine Merchants +1.678.371.4521 darcy[at]

W A S H I N G T O N, D C: Mike Musgrove Free Run Wine Merchants +1.415.517.0696 mike.musgrove[at]

W A S H I N G T O N [State]: Eric Swikard Vin2U Wine Group +1.425.974.9515 eric[at]

A L B E R T A, British Columbia: Jane Depraitere, Partner BonVida Wines +1.403.568.8463 Info[at]