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The Anti-Racism Work We Must Do

Newport, Vermont – June 11, 2020: Black Lives Matter.
We have much anti-racism work to do, on our company and on ourselves. It is on-going. It is hard, and that is as it should be.

Our COVID-19 Journey: Part 2

Newport, Vermont – May 8, 2020: A view from the trenches of rural small business survivalism.
Every day I’m mentally running to catch up. The business plan revisions in my head are only as good as the 24 hour news cycle during which they were concocted.

red cider barn and white house in snow

Our COVID-19 Journey: Part 1

Newport, Vermont – March 22, 2020: Acknowledging this new reality.
As the crisis has deepened, it has felt increasingly necessary to me to communicate to acknowledge, even as we celebrate the amazing ciders we are turning out, that things are not okay.

What Do We Mean by "Harvest Ciders"?

We press heirloom apples when they are ripe—only once a year, at harvest time. We don’t pull them out of cold storage or use rehydrated apple concentrate.