The Anti-Racism Work We Must Do


Newport, Vermont – June 11, 2020:  We stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement against systemic racism.

We are a small team with 6 people on payroll right now. All of us are white, and we have much to learn as a company to be good allies. On a personal level I am recognizing how much unintentional yet deeply driven racism I still have in me, and how much more work I need to do too.

As a team, we have agreed to take the following actions:
Tips for Justice‘ is a new option in our online shopping cart.  When you order from us you can add a tip in support of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance. We will match all tips dollar for dollar up to 5% of the order value, and cover the credit card fees.  We will keep a running total of donations on the Tips for Justice page and update it monthly.
Assess our grower partners and work with them to support their orchard workers and tell their stories
Examine our supply chain for opportunities to source from Black-owned  / managed businesses
Expand our outreach for internships at Eden
Highlight the work of our Black colleagues in cider making, cider selling, and cider media
Work on ourselves, our own bias, and hold ourselves accountable

We will make mistakes as we do this.  But as Yoda said, there is no ‘try’, only ‘do’.
If you have advice, criticism, ideas – we are ready to hear it all.

Eleanor and the Eden Team

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