What to know about cider shipping

We do our best to work with FedEx to see that your package arrives promptly, but things can go wrong. Please read the following to understand how to anticipate and accept your cider delivery.

We process and ship packages Monday through Thursday. Our turn-around time from the time you place the order until it is processed, packed and ready for FedEx is usually 24 hours.  So –
   If your order is placed Sunday – Wednesday, it will ship the next day.
   If your order is placed Thursday – Sunday, it will ship on the following Monday.

Once FedEx picks up from us, the timing of delivery is entirely driven by their system. We are seeing many more disruptions, delays, and lost packages now compared to before the pandemic.  We would recommend counting on the following times from the day they pick up:
   4 days of shipping time for East Coast destinations
   9 days of shipping time for West Coast destinations
   5 – 8 days for other states in between depending on their distance from Vermont

FedEx by state and federal law is prohibited from doing the following:
   Cannot deliver to a post office box address
   Must obtain a signature from an adult 21 years or older
   Cannot leave the package at the destination without obtaining the adult signature (that’s the same thing said another way…for emphasis)

If you think you will have a hard time being at the destination to receive and sign for the package, or if you feel the delivery service in your area is particularly unreliable, we recommend taking advantage of the FedEx Hold Locations service. You can have your cider package sent to a hold location near you – usually a Walgreens or a Target store or similar chain store where FedEx has set up a receiving location. Then you can pick up the package at your convenience.

Here’s how:

1. Before your place your order

Look up the hold location that works for you on the FedEx.com website.  Use that as your shipping address when you place the order.  In the Shipping Address, just list your name as YOUR NAME C/O FEDEX.

2. If you have already placed your order and received a tracking email

Click on ‘Manage Delivery in the tracking email. Click on ‘Hold Location’, and then ‘Continue’. Complete the process of selecting a hold location. You will receive an updated tracking notice afterward, and a notification once your package has arrived at the location.