Our COVID-19 Journey: Part 1

Newport, Vermont – March 22, 2020: Acknowledging this new reality

Eden friends,

You may see us posting some cool new ciders and special offers for online ordering. In reality, this is our only channel for sales for the time being. As the crisis has deepened, it has felt increasingly necessary to me to communicate to our friends and supporters about the reality we see; to acknowledge, even as we celebrate the amazing ciders we are turning out, that things are not okay.

Our growth and distribution has focused mostly on independent restaurants and bars, exactly the segment that is being worst hit economically. In one week we saw 6 weeks of planned orders dry up to almost nothing, to say nothing of the impact on the wonderful chefs, owners, bartenders, somms and servers we count as friends and supporters. This will also have impacts on our apple partners. 95% of the apples that we use in our cider are grown here in Vermont, by small orchards who depend on us to support their livelihood.

Eden Specialty Ciders is taking action as COVID-19 dramatically impacts our business. As of Friday we have made the difficult but necessary decision to put of our staff on temporary layoff, and we have delayed the packaging of most of our new ciders.

For now, selling our ciders online is our best option to weather this storm, and we are encouraging those who can to toast their virtual happy hours with Eden. We have some special offers here, including 15% off on any 12 or more bottles, free shipping within the state of Vermont, and online ordering with back door pickup at our facility in Newport. Rest assured we are conducting business according to the CDC guidelines for safety and health.

This will be my last message about the bad news. We’re going to survive this, and we look forward to when we can all take a seat together at our favorite bars and restaurants and toast a return to normal with a glass of your favorite cider. Until then I send all best wishes for the health and safety of you and your loved ones.


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