Vermont Wine & Cheese Gift Packages

Food and drink naturally bring people together – so naturally, we’ve partnered with Shelburne Farms to bring their food and our drink together! Our easy-to-gift bundles combine our wine or ice cider with the perfect Shelburne Farms cheddar cheese from their collection.

By sharing the gift of our Vermont-grown goodness with your loved ones, you help make it possible for us all to move us toward a sustainable future. Thank you!

Due to the perishable nature of cheese we can only ship these bundles to the following states:

Heads up! Because this gift box contains an alcoholic beverage, someone 21 years of age or older must be available to sign for the delivery when it arrives. If that presents difficulties, one option is to have your package shipped to a FedEx Hold location near you. These are often located inside a Target, Walgreens or similar chain store. You will receive notification when the package has arrived, and have 7 days to pick it up at your convenience. Here’s where to find a Hold location near you. Just use this address as your shipping address, with your name C/O FedEx in the Shipping name field.

Louise and 6 Month Aged Cheddar

A great brunch wine, Louise pairs fantastically with this young Vermont cheddar cheese with delicate flavors of fresh cream and buttered toast. Pairs perfectly with preserves, or melted as part of your favorite dish.

This bundle includes a bottle of the 2022 vintage of Louise by Shelburne Vineyard and a 16oz block of wax-coated 6 month aged cheddar by Shelburne Farms.


Whimsey Meadow Rosé and 6 Month Aged Cheddar

Tart cherry, strawberry, and candied watermelon flavors pop alongside a young aged cheddar in this holiday duo. Wonderful for those who love fruit and cream flavors together!

This bundle includes a bottle of the 2022 vintage of Whimsey Meadow Rosé by Shelburne Vineyard and a 16oz block of wax-coated 6 month aged cheddar by Shelburne Farms.

Marquette and 2 Year Aged Cheddar

The sharpness of this extra-aged cheddar melds beautifully with the rich berry notes of this dry, medium-bodied red wine. A perfect harmony of two Vermont-crafted treats to share with friends and family this holiday season!

This bundle includes a bottle of the 2021 vintage of Marquette by Shelburne Vineyard and a 16oz block of wax-coated 2 year aged cheddar by Shelburne Farms.

Eden Heirloom Ice Cider with 2-year aged Shelburne Farms cheddar

Eden Heirloom Ice Cider and 2 Year Aged Cheddar

Sweet, textured dessert cider balanced by a lively acidity, paired with extra sharp cheddar. Notes of baked apple, pineapple, citrus and turbinado sugar in the Ice Cider dance alongside pleasant sharpness, some minerality, and a finishing sweetness in the cheese.

This bundle includes a bottle of Heirloom Ice Cider from Eden Ciders and a 16oz block of wax-coated 2 year aged cheddar by Shelburne Farms.

Shelburne Vineyard, Eden Ciders and Shelburne Farms: A Natural Partnership

Located just a few miles from each other near the heart of Shelburne, our two organizations share a common purpose and have a connected history. We honor the land, the animals, the grapevines and apple trees, and the people who tend them. We both love being an integral part of the fabric of our community, supporting the people in our communities as they support us.

Shelburne Vineyard, Eden Ciders and Shelburne Farms also share a focus on education and engagement, fostering connections with the land and with one another. 25 years ago, the very first Shelburne Vineyard vines were planted on land at Shelburne Farms, weaving our histories together from the beginning.

We invite you to learn more about Shelburne Vineyard, Eden Ciders, and Shelburne Farms – and to visit us anytime you’re in Vermont!

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