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Discover Vermont Terroir in every bottle at Eden Ciders & IAPETUS Wines. We specialize in natural, low-intervention wine and cider crafted from local, cold-hardy grape varietals and heirloom apples. Embrace the youthful, groundbreaking Vermont wine scene—no additives, just pure expression of character. Our Harvest Ciders are a fruit-forward showcase of Vermont’s apple quality and diversity, fermented slow and cold for complexity akin to fine wines. Sip and savor the love and care we infuse into each sip, embracing the essence of our region.


Sam's Picks

Below you’ll find a selection of some of my favorite wines and ciders, starting with my top three picks. I know a parent shouldn’t have favorites, and in truth all of our offerings are unique and exceptional in their own ways. While my palate prefers the nutty flavors of Marquette Reserve, sweetness of Lake View White, and delight that is Tectonic, you may find yourself diving deeply into a bottle of richly sweet Ice Cider, or a playful Rosé – whatever your choice I hope this introduction to Shelburne Vineyard, IAPETUS Wines, and Eden Ciders brings joy to your table.

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Marquette Reserve


This is my favorite wine that Shelburne Vineyard produces. It combines nice black fruit flavors and moderate wood aging to create a fine balanced wine. It’s not overpowering but does stimulate all your senses and taste buds when you see it, smell it and swish it around. It will also age well for many years so having a few bottles in the cellar is best. Then you can taste them from time to time to get its peak flavor.

Marquette grapes are a natural hybrid grape produced from a Pinot Noir variety but with a much deeper color. They are well suited to the Vermont climate and soil so it truly expresses Vermont terroir. We grow them in a sustainable manner using regenerative practices to keep the soil healthy from year to year.

We produce a limited quantity and run out in the season so pick them up quickly.


Sam Coppola

Tectonic 2021

If your grandmother made white wine she would make Tectonic. It’s called « orange » wine, ´amber’, ´ramato’ or bronze wine, skin contact white or such other creative names that winemakers will call it. At the end of the day it’s white grapes fermented on their skins and seeds and possibly even on their stems going back to millennia of winemaking.

This changes completely the color, aroma and flavor of the wine. It also changes its phenolic qualities. What? The antioxidants on grapes are contained in the skin and seeds which is where the plant meets the environment and creates its natural protection system. So similar to red wine it will be a healthy white and it will taste similar to red wine with the astringency, tannins and in the case of tectonic, the wood aged flavors.

So, if you expect to taste a white, citrus fruity wine, you will be surprised. That’s why I have say; « Close your eyes and expect a red wine taste » this is one way to appreciate this wine.

Tectonic is made from LaCrescent grapes, another natural hybrid from a moscato lineage. I call it ´little moscato’ because it has a wonderful honey apricot aroma and flavor. with its light tannins it will complement almost any food, from meats to fish and really stands out with a room temperature creamy Brie cheese.


Sam Coppola

Lake View White

If the ancient Greeks, Romans, Turks, Jews, Egyptians and others were to drink wine today they would drink Lake View White!!!

Why? Because they are sweet wines. It wasn’t until recently that dry wines became popular among the wine aficionados.

Sip these alone by the lake, crack one open with some old cheddar cheese plates or some crispy salads and you will see why they are still popular today.

These wines are a lower alcohol blend of NY and VT grapes. We blend Chardonnay, Riesling and other local grapes to create a taste of the region.


Sam Coppola

More of my favorites

Show me the Wine!

Sam is a first generation Italian born in Avellino, Italy. His family comes from a long line of cooperative grape growers and winemakers back in Italy who carried their passions with them here to America.

The wine-grape bug hit him when he invested in a small vineyard just north of Montreal. From there he formed an alliance with the winery and purchased a 60 acre old dairy farm. It is now known as Mt. Philo Farm & Vineyard located on Ethan Allen Hwy at the corner of Mt. Philo State Park Rd in Charlotte, VT.

The vineyard part of the farm was merged with Shelburne Vineyard and brings into estate production about 10 additional acres of vines. Mt. Philo farm also produces some traditional balsamic vinegar from local northern variety grapes and has a small plot of organically grown lavender to produce soaps, sachets, salts and hydrosol. These products are available at the winery.

Sam brings on board his administrative knowledge of business and law, his traditions from the old world of winemaking in Europe and his more recent experiences from northern cold climate vineyards in Quebec.

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About Eden Ciders and IAPETUS Wines

At Eden Ciders and IAPETUS Wines, we’re passionate about the quality of flavor that comes from unique varieties grown by local, small-scale orchards and vineyards in Vermont. We produce a wide range of ciders, from driest to sweetest, with different methods of production, using single varieties  and blends. IAPETUS produces a wide range of wines using low intervention practices. The result is complex, original flavors and textures. Consistent through everything we do is a commitment to supporting small-scale family farms, to the use of holistic and regenerative practices, and to rare tannic and heirloom apple varieties grown expressly for cider making. You can taste the fantastic fruit character of these apples in our cider.

Our journey in cider and wine has been as much about the people as anything else. We are a small industry, and most of us are small or very small companies. The connections we make become the root webs through which we absorb new ideas, see new opportunities, and foster new entrants, just as our trees do with each other in the orchard. We so are grateful to all of our customers and welcome you to become a  part of our human-malus-mycorrhizal web.

Thank you for sharing our drinks at your table, and for sharing our values of celebrating and investing in our landscape, our environment, our people, our trade partners, and our community. We are so glad to have you with us!