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Say hello! Introducing Brut Rosé Cans

Fifteen heirloom apple varieties and red currants combine to make this beautiful, smooth and delicious rosé cider!  Brut Rosé is on its way to join our Peak Bloom and Deep Cut Harvest Cider cans out in stores and restaurants.

And for those of you who can’t yet find it locally, it’s available for direct shipping here on our site as well.

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Brut Rose Harvest Can

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Learn: Delicious, food-friendly ciders come from special apple varieties and growers

Our mission is to support small local orchards who grow special apple varieties using environmentally sustainable practices. Together we grow a fascinating array of varieties to use in our ciders –  old New England heirlooms like Blue Pearmain and Roxbury Russet, iconic sweets and sharps like Hudson’s Gem and Esopus Spitzenburg, zingy crabapples like Dolgo, Kerr and Wickson, and historic tannic varieties, including bittersweet and bittersharp varieties that originated in France and England. We press once per year after harvest, using the natural winter cold at our farm to concentrate the flavors and sugars of the apples before fermentation. We don’t use sugar, colorings, acids, or industrial flavorings, and all of our ciders are naturally gluten-free and vegan friendly.  Welcome to cider from a wine point of view!

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